How To Conceive A Boy Or Girl

If you've found this article, chances are you are trying to conceive and have a very definite idea or whether you want a boy or girl baby. Although there are definitive and expensive ways that you can chose the gender of your baby in gender selection clinics, this article will discuss natural methods that you can complete at home that will produce either a girl or boy baby depending on which you use.

The Differences In X / Y Chromosomes You Need To Understand When Trying Chose Your Baby's Sex / Gender: When a couple is trying to conceive, a man's sperm contains chromosomes that contain both X (girl) sperm and Y (girl) sperm. Once a woman ovulates, both should be available to fertilize the woman's waiting egg. If an X sperm gets there first and is successful in fertilizing the egg, then a baby girl will be the results. If the Y sperm manages to be the victor, then the couple would have a son.

This seems easy enough, but there's a little more to consider. The Y sperm (boy) are extremely fast movers, but in comparison to the X (girl) sperm, they are relatively weak and will not live nearly as long and can't survive in a hostile or acidic environment. The girl sperm are slower, but to balance this, can survive for much longer in a harsher environment.

If You Want To Conceive A Girl: If you want a daughter, you should attempt to conceive approximately three days prior to ovulation and then stop. You'll also want to find out your vaginal PH / acidity using testing strips. Then, you'll need to change your acidity based on where you fall to get you into the best range that is conducive for you to have a girl baby. Another natural gender selection variable is intercourse / sexual positions. For a girl, you'll want to use shallow penetration because this will deposit sperm further from the cervix and give the weaker boy sperm further to travel in a hostile environment. This will help ensure that as many of the boy sperm die off as is possible, giving the stronger girl sperm the edge.

If You Want To Conceive A Boy: Remembering that the boy sperm die off more quickly than their girl counterparts, you should attempt to conceive the day of ovulation. Any earlier than this gives the boy sperm a greater chance or weakening or dying off. You'll also want to create a neutral alkaline environment using the same testing and alterations methods discussed above. Many women are naturally acidic and this will need to be remedied to get a boy baby. You'll also want to use deeper penetration in your intercourse / sexual positioning since you're trying to get the Y sperm as close to the cervix as possible making their trip to the egg shorter.

Obviously, to master all of these variables you need to be able to pinpoint your ovulation with great accuracy and you need to be able to successfully manipulate and alter your vaginal acidity and PH well enough to discourage the chromosomes of the gender you're rather pass on at this time. There are excellent, accurate, and inexpensive resources available for this.

If you'd like to conceive a girl, please visit for resources to alter your vaginal PH into the "girl zone" via (douching or foods) and links to what I feel are the best, inexpensive saliva ovulation predictors and PH testing strips on the market.

If you'd like to conceive a boy, please visit for the resources mentioned above, including one that can help you change your vaginal PH to an alkaline one.

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