How To Have a Baby Boy-Eat The Right Foods

What to eat to have a baby boy?

This is an often asked question, and indeed there are foods that can promote the right balance in your body create the environment that's conducive to having a baby boy or girl.

Foods to eat to improve your chance of conceiving a baby boy

If you would like to conceive a baby boy the first thing you should do is bump up your caloric intake to 2200 calories or so per day. I know this sounds like a lot to eat, but it's been proven to work.

Also make sure to eat a good high calorie breakfast, especially the mornings of intimacy. Before you just start eating everything in sight, be aware you do need to choose the right foods to eat also!

Choosing the right foods to eat when wanting a baby boy

The (y) sperm or the sperm that will produce a boy baby is not nearly as hardy as the (x) sperm which will produce a girl baby.
The (y) sperm can quickly die off if encountering a highly acidic vaginal PH. By eating the right foods you can raise your body's PH and give the (y) sperm a better chance of fertilizing your egg thus producing a boy baby. In effect you need to "alkalize your body" if you wish to conceive a baby boy therefore foods high in sodium and potassium are best. Here's a list of foods that will favor conceiving a baby boy:

  • Vegetables (excluding corn)
  • Apricots
  • raisins
  • nuts
  • All Bran
  • baked potatoes
  • bananas
  • watermelon
In addition to eating the right foods douching is recommended

To maintain the proper vaginal PH douching is recommended in addition to eating the right foods. If you are truly serious about having a boy baby you should take all the necessary steps to give yourself the best chance!

First you will need to find out your vaginal PH and be able to monitor it. You do this by getting some PH test strips or go to your local health food store.

Although just eating the right foods for a long enough period of time can get you to your PH goal, testing can take the guess work out of it and douching can drastically speed the process up! (I would recommend douching only under your Doctors supervision, because of a chance of infection.)
I recommend Rebecca's ebook for all the details of the douching method. She offers douching recipes to take any guesswork out of it.


Eating right and/or douching are important pieces of the gender selection puzzle. There are a couple more things you will need to consider that are of equal importance. First is the sexual position used at the time of conception, deep penetration if you want a boy, is recommended as that puts the relatively weak (y) sperm as close to the egg as possible. (I'll be covering this important step in future posts.) You also need to conceive on the day you ovulate, again giving the (y) sperm it's best chance to fertilize the egg thus producing a boy baby.

Do you really want a baby boy? Buy Rebecca's eBook at the link above(it's really not expensive when you get the results you're after) and bring that baby boy into your family.
Boys are great, I have two that I'm very proud of, (I'm proud of my little girl too!) and I truly hope you are successful, and have a baby boy of your own!

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