Should You Have Sex With a Yeast Infection and What Advice Should You Follow If You Decide to Do It?

Should You Have Sex With a Yeast Infection and What Advice Should You Follow If You Decide to Do It?

Yeast infections can not only be troublesome for the obvious health and discomfort reasons, but also for the not so obvious. If you have an infection, this doesn't mean you might not still be inclined to feel like having sex. Is it safe to have sex if you have an infection? Are there any precautions you should follow if you do decide to go ahead and have intercourse? These are questions that sufferers often ask and it is always best to know in advance what the risks are and what you can do to protect yourself before you continue.

The absolute best advice for anyone that has a yeast infection is to NOT have sex. This might sound a little excessive, but the truth of the matter is that having sex with an infection can cause many problems. The first is that you might feel an extreme burning sensation and you may be unable to carry on having intercourse. The other major concern is that there is a good chance that you'll pass the infection on to your partner. If you are like me then the idea of giving someone else your infection isn't something I'd want to do, so this is one very good reason to not have sex with an infection.

However, having said that, if you do decide to go ahead and have sex regardless of your infection, here are a few tips that you should follow to try and make the experience as best as possible. First, make sure you are both thoroughly clean. Take a warm shower before hand and use soap to wash yourself down. Avoid oral sex completely. Oral sex and infections are an extremely bad idea. Also, use a condom to try and reduce the chance of the yeast infection being transferred to your partner. After sex, urinate and take another shower and wash your genitals again. This is primarily done to reduce the chance of another yeast infection flare up.

Having an infection doesn't mean the end of your sex life. Be sure that your partner is aware of your infection and what risks are involved. It is possible that you will pass the infection onto your partner, so take extra care to shower before and after sex and always use protection. If you feel any discomfort of pain during sex, then it would be advised to see your local doctor and seek treatment before toying with the idea again.

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