Symptoms Of Ovulation-Common Ovulation Symptoms

The symptoms of ovulation are really very easy to spot, if you know what to look for. Ovulation normally occurs about 12-16 days after your last period started. This is when you could experiance some of these common ovulation symptoms.

The first signs of your ovulation cycle are slight cramping, light vaginal secretions usually or sometimes some light spoting can occur, as well as an elevated body temperature.

You just need to be aware of your body, and notice changes as they occur even if the change is slight. Most women should have no trouble noticing these changes as women in general are very intuative and very aware of their bodies.

Two or three days before ovulation you will produce a clear vaginal discharge. You should be fertile during this time because the man's sperm can live for up to 5 days in the women's reproductive tract.

Remember too, the timing of sex if you want to conceive either a baby boy or baby girl specifically. A little before ovulation if you want a girl baby and on the day of ovulation if you want a boy baby.

Ok,back to the subject at hand. You may, as stated earlier, suffer some slight cramping and/or pain as a sign of ovulation as well. You could also experiance bloating, nausea, frequent urination, and rarely, pain during sex.

During this time your vaginal secretions can become somewhat pink, but this is normal and no cause for concern. The very best way to tell if you are ovulating is to check your basal body temperature, as right after your ovulation period your basal temperature will raise by 0.4-1 degrees.

One more sign is the woman may have an increased desire for sex, as mother nature wants you to become pregnant. This is of course a very important sign of ovulation if you have had trouble becoming pregnant. You just need to listen very closely to the signals your body is sending you.

I hope this article will help you pinpoint your day of ovulation, help you notice the symptoms of ovulation, and help you become an ovulation predictor, so you can succeed in getting pregnant, and hopefully with a child of the gender of your choosing if this is important to you.

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Good luck, and remember having a healthy, loved baby is (I feel ;o) the one most important thing we do while on this earth!

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