Sexual Positions to Be Avoided If You Want to Get Pregnant Fast

Sexual Positions to Be Avoided If You Want to Get Pregnant Fast

By Eddy K Elysia

Sex positions are something that you should consider a lot when it comes to conceiving baby. Of course, they are greatly responsible in making you pregnant fast and at the same time, they can really get you down if you fail to consider the right sex position when having intercourse.

So let us take a thorough look into this concern. You require taking a couple of considerations in your mind in order to conceive a baby, for example, the number of times you have intercourse successfully and the period of the month.

It has been medically proven that ejecting sperm cells once or twice would not be enough to develop a fertile egg cell inside the body of women for becoming fertilized successfully. Of course, it's extremely easy for some people to conceive, especially in case you're younger and you're seriously into it.

However, it is really a serious problem for those people who want to conceive a baby but are finding it hard to have intercourse very often due to their older age.

You should take a note of your ovulation cycle by consulting a calendar and charts, supporting the data collection using a thermometer. Or, you can consult to your doctor asking for the next steps to be taken for being able to track down the period when you're most fertile.

It can be quite tricky to determine the best sex positions and so hard to locate out the positions to be avoid when having intercourse. Anyways, below I have tried my best to include a couple sex positions to be avoided when having intercourse. Check them out:

First position to avoid

When the male tries to have intercourse with his partner from behind, it no doubt requires an additional effort. This movement will tend to add more friction as well as increase the odds of premature ejaculation. So it'd be better to not get into this sort of position if you want to prevent yourself from early ejaculation.

Second position to avoid

Another position to be avoided is the positions that make your body into a ninety degree angle or an L-shape. This L-shape is actually formed by meeting your thighs and your hips. This position somehow resembles to the earlier one.

The positions to adopt

You can give a try to the missionary position if you seriously want to conceive fast. In this position, the female lay on the bed, and the male lay on her top, positioning between the legs. This sex position enables complete penetration, and enables the male's penis to reach extremely closer to the female's cervix throughout the ejaculation.

Scissor position is another position that you can give a try. When having intercourse preferring this position, the male and female are opposite to each other, touching each other organs.

Maximum penetration is obvious with this sort of position as well and since both the partners move at the same time it would offer better results.

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