How To Have A Baby Girl

Daughters are flowers that are forever in bloom. Author: unknown

Do you have your heart set on conceiving a beautiful little baby girl? Have boys and want a touch of femininity. It is possible to greatly improve the odds of doing just that, adding that beautiful baby girl to your family!

Don't give in and just hope a baby girl is in your future, follow these three simple steps to almost guarantee it.

  • Time conception to occur before ovulation
  • Have intercourse in ways to improve the odds of conceiving a girl
  • Keep your body's PH at a level to ensure the (X) sperm fertilizes the egg
Implement these three simple steps to nearly guarantee success, and conceive a baby girl. By using the methods described you just may find conceiving a baby girl even easier than conceiving a baby boy, as the timing and other factors are not as critical, mainly because of the fact that the sperm that will produce a girl are very hardy and long lived.

Time conception to occur before ovulation

To tip the odds in your favor of conceiving a baby girl have intercourse before you ovulate, about three days, than abstain from sex to try to get pregnant with a girl. This is because the (X) chromosome sperm or "girl" sperm is hardier than then (Y) or "boy" sperm so by having sex three days before ovulation the more fragile boy sperm will die off before ovulation but the girl sperm will still be alive to fertilize the new egg, thus producing a baby girl.

Have intercourse in ways to improve the odds of conceiving a girl

Generally shallow penetration (especially during ejaculation) is best for conceiving a girl as the (Y) or boy sperm will have so far to travel they will die before reaching the egg, while the (X) girl sperm will survive for up to three or four days, and therefore should live long enough to make the journey to fertilize the waiting egg. Practice shallow penetration throughout intercourse as sperm can be released even before ejaculation.

Keep your body's PH at a level to ensure it's the (X) sperm fertilizes the egg

Eat less and up your magnesium intake (supplements from a health food store is a good idea) to make sure the boy sperm cannot survive to fertilize the egg. Remember the boy sperm will find survival difficult if the PH is on the acidic side, so you need to learn how to accomplish this.

You can test your body's PH using inexpensive PH test strips avalible in health food stores or online. Some women may find douching helpful if maintaining the right PH is difficult, although I would recommend douching only under your doctors supervision (because of the risk of infection.)

I would suggest Rebecca's website for more detailed instructions on getting everything just right to up your chances of conceiving a girl to over 94%. If you really desire a little girl in your family get a guide to follow, be diligent in implimenting the plan, and you can almost guarantee success!

Conceive and add the little baby girl to your family. Start today!

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