Pick Baby Gender-Baby Boy Or Girl

There are many reasons why couples choose gender of a baby. Maybe they already have a son and want a daughter or they want to have a son in order to carry on the family name. There are many methods that can help you on how to choose baby gender naturally.

The most important thing to understand if you want to pick the gender of your baby is to know how the baby is formed. The sperm cells decide the outcome of the gender of the baby and nothing else. The sperm cells contain same quantity of X and Y chromosomes. Male sperm cell contains Y chromosomes and female sperm cell contains X chromosomes. Male sperm is smaller but swims faster than female sperm while female sperm is bigger and tougher and has a longer lifespan than male sperm.

There are too many myths on how to choose the sex of your baby but the only factor that will determine the gender of your baby is the type of sperm that will reach the egg cell. If you want to have a boy, male sperm must reach the egg cell first and if you want to have a girl, female sperm must reach the egg cell first.

You can have high success rate by using natural methods of gender selection. These methods include your diet, positions and timing of your ovulation. You can also take a course on a fertility clinic regarding gender selection program but it is expensive and will not guarantee 100% success rate.

Most couples will not stop making babies until they have the gender of the baby they always wanted. This is not right thing to do. The world's population is exploding. If only they are given the right to pick baby's gender then there will be no problem.

There are many proven methods that can help you pick the gender of the baby you've always wanted. If you really want to know the details, visit this very informative site.

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