How To Have a Baby Girl-Eat The Right Foods

What to eat to have a baby girl?

Creating the right environment in your body can greatly improve your chance of conceiving a baby girl or boy.

Have a baby girl by adjusting your caloric intake

Generally if you want to conceive a baby girl you should eat less, and if you want a boy eat more. While you would want to eat more (at less 2000 calories a day) to conceive a boy you will want to eat less (but don't starve yourself) to conceive a baby girl.

Eating right to conceive a baby girl

The foods you eat can greatly affect your vaginal PH, why is this important? Because the sperm that will produce a boy baby is much weaker and has a shorter life span than the sperm that will produce a baby girl. So by creating a highly acidic vaginal environment and having intercourse days before ovulation your are subjecting the sperm to a hostile environment in which the weaker boy sperm will die off first, leaving the girl sperm to fertilize the egg.

To contribute to creating the right vaginal environment (higher acidity) not only should you skip breakfast before intimacy but you need to eat the right food also. To help to conceive a baby girl eat foods high in calcium and magnesium while avoiding foods high in potassium. Here's some foods you should eat:
  • milk, dairy products
  • beans
  • legumes
  • leafy green foods
  • plums
  • prunes
  • cranberries
  • meats
  • corn
  • fish
  • whole grains
These foods will contribute to your body's acidity and will favor the survival of the girl sperm. If trying to conceive a girl you should stay away from foods that are alkaline that can instead favor the boy sperm.

You will need to test your vaginal PH regularly in order to know when your PH is right and having intercourse could result in the baby girl you want.

To improve your chance of having a baby girl even more

There is a short-cut to make sure of having the right body chemistry to favor conceiving a girl. That is douching. I know douching may seem old fashioned, but think about it, by douching you can create the perfect environment immediately and have the highest chance of producing the desired result-a beautiful baby girl!
It's easy to see how effective douching really is, just go to a health food store (or order online) and buy some PH testing strips. Test your vaginal PH than douche with the proper solution and retest. You will see that douching will get you the desired PH much quicker than diet alone. I would suggest Rebecca's ebook to get all the information on douching, complete with recipes, ect. I would also suggest you douche only under your Doctor's supervision, as there is a slight chance of infection.


Eating the right foods and douching are important pieces to the gender selection puzzle, but there are other steps that are of equal importance.

Sexual positioning at the time of conception that will favor the long lived girl sperm and put the weak boy sperm at risk. As well as having intercourse before ovulation to again favor the stronger girl sperm. (I'll be covering these topics soon in future post.)

Again I would recommend Rebecca's eBook for all the details that can (with over a 94% success rate) help you be successful in conceiving that little baby girl.

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