Top 5 Sexual Tips For Conceiving a Baby Fast

There has been a general hustle and bustle about sex positions to conceive fast. Sex positions to conceive fast are often based on the fact that sperm cells need to be deposited as close as possible to the opening of the cervix for the sexual intercourse to be effective.

Most of the researches that have touched upon the topic of sexual positions to conceive fast have found out that the missionary position is the best position of all.

Most of the researches also say that it is the best of the sex positions to conceive fast because it places the sperm very closely to the opening of cervix, and if the woman remains still, there is a chance that the sperm will travel quickly inside.

Now, there are sex positions to conceive fast, and these are the missionary position, the legs up variant of the missionary position, the plough version, the grip version and the riding high version.

But before we go into the positions themselves, let's first give out some general tips as to how to make the sexual intercourse an enjoyable and repeatable endeavor.

First and foremost, you have to make the moments of sexual intercourse count, which means that these intercourses must be fun in themselves, and not really something that you would be dreading after a long day at work. Now, how do you do this?

1st sexual tip

First step is to go break your boring sexual intercourse routine. Do it in other places in the house, be naughty and nice to your partner. Another way is to watch adult entertainment videos before doing it. That gives you that nice environment when you are both relaxed and excited at the same time in doing it.

2nd sexual tip

Another tip would be to reduce the stress at home by choosing another job. Really, sometimes it is the job that kills the passion in a marriage because if you have a high paying but very stressful job, you are affected not only mentally but also physiologically and biologically.

3rd sexual tip

When this happens, your hormones might drop and the process of fertility might be interrupted. If this is the case for you and your spouse, then make sure that you can cope with the added burden of making sure that you and your spouse are relaxed enough for your objective, which is to conceive a child through sexual intercourse

4th sexual tip

Now for the positions themselves. The missionary position is one of the easiest sexual positions. You just have to lay down the lady on the bed or on any surface and enter her from the front, making sure that you are in a position that the penis would be centered for full and complete penetration.

5th sexual tip

The legs up just needs the lady to raise her legs. The plough can be done when the lady puts her legs around her partner's backside. The grip can be done by thrusting inward and upward at the same time while closing the legs of the woman. Riding high may be done by doing the grip minus the leg lock.

In conclusion, I hope the above sexual positions tips will increase your chances of pregnancy. Also, with proper planning, I am sure you can have the chance to carry your own baby very soon.

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