When And How To Have Sex To Have A Baby Boy Or Baby Girl

Timing and Position of Intercourse to Have a Baby Boy or Baby Girl

The timing and position of intercourse are very important factors in determining whether you conceive a baby boy or girl.

The father-to-be's sperm come with (X) and (Y) chromosomes, the (X) chromosome will produce a girl baby and the (Y) chromosome will produce a boy baby. The difference between the to sperm is profound as the (Y) or boy sperm is a very fast swimmer, but fragile and short lived. The (X) or girl sperm on the other hand is slower moving and very hardy and long lived.

Timing of Sex or Intercourse to Conceive a Baby Boy or Girl

Because of the differences in the (X) and (Y) sperm timing of intercourse becomes a critical factor in gender selection.

If you want to conceive a boy baby, you want to give the quicker but fragile (Y) boy sperm exposure to the egg immediately, so having sex on the day you ovulate is recommended.

If you want to conceive a girl baby you'll want to have sex several days before you ovulate to give the (Y) boy sperm time to die off and not have a chance to fertilize the waiting egg.

The (Y) boy sperm will die off fairly quickly (depending on the acidity of the vaginal tract) while the (X) girl sperm can live for about 5 days. Unfortunately many women can have an irregular cycle or can ovulate earlier then normal, so the timing of intercourse can become more difficult.

Sexual Positions Favoring a Boy or Girl Baby

The position you have intercourse in can be critical in determining the gender of your baby. Generally the (X) or boy sperm need to be given quick, close access the the waiting egg, while to (Y) girl sperm need to be given the time to outlive the (X) boy sperm.

Sexual Positions to Have a Boy Baby

Keeping in mind the fragility and quickness of the (Y) or boy sperm, and wanting to conceive a baby boy, you will want to have sex in positions that allow deep penetration, such as the rear entry position or the modified missionary position where the woman places her legs on the man's shoulders. Placing a pillow under the woman's pelvis can also help. The man will of course need to ejaculate as deeply as possible to deposit the sperm as close to the waiting egg as possible, and create a short quick trip for the (Y) sperm.

Sexual Positions to Have a Girl Baby

If you want to conceive a girl baby, it becomes important to give the (X) or girl sperm time and distance so they can outlive the (Y) or boy sperm. Shallow penetration is best to give the girl sperm a long and time consuming trip to the egg. Positioning becomes less important, but just keep in mind that shallow penetration during intercourse, and especially at the time of ejaculation will provide the best chance of having that little baby girl!

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