How To Have A Baby Boy

"A boy's story is the best ever told"
Charles Dickens-1850

Do you want a boy to carry on the your family name? Do you have girls and want a son to balance your family? Does your husband wants a son to play ball with?

No matter what the reason there are steps you can take to greatly improve your chance of conceiving a boy! Here's a list of some of the things you can do to tip the odds in favor of conceiving that baby boy you want:
  • Timing conception to occur at the end of your fertility cycle
  • Have intercourse in ways that improve the odds of conceiving a boy
  • Keep your body's PH at the proper level to ensure survival of (Y) sperm
Now lets take a closer look at how you can implement these three simple steps to improve the odds of having the baby boy you desire. Having a baby boy may take a little more diligence on your part than having a baby girl (follow the steps precisely to give yourself the best chance of success in conceiving a baby boy.)

Timing conception to occur at the end of your fertility cycle

You need to keep track of your ovulation precisely until you know which day you will be ovulating. Avoid having sex for at least three days prior to this, than have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible, and the next day as well.

The reason for this is the difference between the sperm. The (X) chromosome sperm (which produces a girl baby) and the sperm with the (Y) chromosome which will result in a boy.
The (X) sperm (girl) is stronger and longer lived than the (Y) sperm (boy) which tend to be the faster swimmers. So by waiting to have intercourse until the day of ovulation you give the fast swimming (Y) sperm(boy) the best chance to fertilize the egg thus producing the baby boy you want.

To be as precise as possible in tracking your ovulation cycle I would recommend the saliva ovulation predictors. They are cheap, accurate, reusable, and easily obtained.

Have intercourse in ways that improve the odds of having a boy

The position in which you have intercourse can greatly increase the likelihood of conceiving a boy. Because the (Y) sperm are short lived but faster swimmers than the (X) sperm, having sex in a position that puts the sperm as close to the egg as possible is beneficial. In other words positions that allow the deepest penetration are best, this gives the (Y) or(boy) sperm the best chance of fertilizing the egg.

Keep your body's PH at the proper level to ensure the survival of the(Y) sperm

The (Y) sperm that will create a boy is compromised by a low (acidic) PH while the (X) sperm (girl) is stronger and not troubled as much by this. So if you want a boy you must try and create the proper PH level in your body. How to do this? You should get PH test strips to take the guess work out of it. Eating the proper foods that are rich in potassium such as bananas, figs, apricots,and strawberries are all good. If you have difficulty keeping the proper PH, you may need to douche to control your PH levels, and help you to insure the delicate (Y) sperm survive to fertilize your the egg. Rebecca gives all the douche recipes and can help you maintain the proper PH in her eBook. (I recommend douching only under your Doctor's supervision, as there is a chance of infection.)
Taking in at least 2,000 calories a day, and eating a good breakfast before intercourse can help you conceive a boy. For much more detailed instructions I highly recommend Rebecca's eBook.

If you follow all the these simple steps (and I would suggest picking up one of the guides offered above-they really are worth it) you can increase your chance of having a boy from 50% or less to well over 90% guaranteed!

So don't just let nature take it's course, take control, and plan your own future, and learn how you too can add a baby boy to your family!

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