Am I Pregnant? 3 Early Signs Of Pregnancy That Confirm Pregnancy Before Missed Periods

Am I Pregnant? 3 Early Signs Of Pregnancy That Confirm Pregnancy Before Missed Periods

Am I Pregnant? 3 Early Signs Of Pregnancy That Confirm Pregnancy Before Missed Periods

By Tehmina Mazher

Are there any early signs of pregnancy? Is it possible to tell the exact answer of "am I pregnant" even before the woman misses her period? These are some frequently asked questions in the minds of most woman no matter they want pregnancy or not. This question may arise in the mind of any woman who has been sexually active the previous month. If you also have similar queries then it is suggested to dive in!

The shortest answer of all he above question is "yes". It is possible to tell the answer of "am I pregnant" exactly with the help of early pregnancy symptoms. These early signs of pregnancy start to how itself even before missing the periods. However it is important for a woman to have adequate information about these signs of pregnancy so she is in a better position of interpreting these. Without having the fair knowledge of pregnancy symptoms things may become difficult to comprehend.

Following are given earliest possible signs of pregnancy. These signs are of great help for any woman to identify the pregnancy even before she misses her periods.

Basal Body Temperature: Many women must have noticed that basal body temperature increases when they ovulate. But only few of them were able to judge that if this temperature stays elevated for a longer period of time it can be the possible sign of pregnancy. A woman can easily monitor her basal body temperature with the help of a cheap basal body thermometer. The temperature should only be noted at the same time every day. Mornings are best for this.

Enlarged and Tender Breasts: There is a drastic change in the level of hormones very early in pregnancy. The changing hormonal levels show them by giving different signs and symptoms. The body is not prepared to accept the change in the hormonal level; so it reacts in different ways. The most obvious change is noted in the size and the shape of the breasts. There is also a fuller feeling in the breast. These feelings fade away as the pregnancy continues and the body of the mother gets acquainted with new hormonal levels.

Fatigue: Feeling of tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion are also early signs of pregnancy. At times it becomes difficult for the first time moms to differentiate between general exhaustion and fatigue related to pregnancy. Health professionals think this fatigue and tiredness feelings are also linked to increased level of hormones.

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