Old Wives Tales-Predicting A Baby Boy

Here's some Old Wives Tales said to be true if you're carrying a boy baby. Although there is not much scientific backing to these, I have a feeling that , like a lot of wisdom handed down from previous generations , there is some truth to them!

That being said, these old wives tales can be a real blast at your next baby shower or get-together.

Have some fun with them and enjoy!

It's a Boy if:

Your belly looks like a baseball.

You are carrying extra weight out front.

You crave protein, meat, cheese, milk.

Your feet are always cold.

The hair on your legs grows faster.

Your hands feel dry all the time.

The father gains weight also.

Your urine is bright yellow.

You face north when you sleep.

Your nose seems to be getting bigger.

You have more headaches than usual.

You add your age at the time of conception and the number of the month you conceived and the sum is an even number.

Everybody says you look good pregnant.

Your nipples get darker.

Your face seems thinner and longer.

You pick up a key by the big end.

You eat garlic and can smell it on your skin.

A toddler boy shows no interest in you.

You ask to see her hands and she shows them palms down.

You dream of having a girl.

If you are not moody during pregnancy.

If your right breast is bigger its a boy.

If the mothers age at conception and the month of conception not the same (one
is an even number and one is odd).

If the mom-to-be was the more aggressive
partner at conception the baby will be a boy.

Have the mom-to-be pick a number than match the number to the corresponding letter
than have her the first name that comes to mind, a boy's name means a boy and a girl's name means a girl.

If you want a boy put a blue bow under your

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